Thank you everyone who blessed us through your presence, and/or gifts, notes of love and affirmation and all who contributed if only from a heart that wished I could be there. Those of you who could not attend were in our hearts and with you in mind, our son-in-law has created this site. We specifically want to thank the anonymous donor(s) and we appreciate the generosity of the giver(s). Someone(s) who may not have meant to be anonymous, gave a beautiful card with a pink envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Josephsen. The card had no signature(s). Thank you for your generous contribution to our travel fund.There was so much joy in the house. We trust you can taste a bit of that from the pictures. Stan and I are gloriously blessed with great children who masterminded this gathering and also blessed with you, our beautiful friends and family. We really wished to have seen you all but you are truly in our hearts. One more note, one of our friends who has a strong gift of getting understanding from God felt very strongly that there was someone at our fellowship time who was having “ a strong battle but that soon it will come to an end.” As I (Lisa) had no clear sense for whom that was and know how right on he has been in the past, I am sending the info out this way. 

                                WE LOVE YOU ALL!